Something strange will happen

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Why be afraid of the unknown?

Why, if change is a natural state in anything that is alive, do we tend to be afraid of change and of the unknown? Why if people is unhappy, often opts for trying to avoid the problem, rather than changing something in their life? Why are parties a place to consume and disconnect from reality, rather than a space to deal with it collectively as they were in old tribal cultures?

Can we design experiences which spark in the individual a different state of consciousness? A moment of inspiration?

Prototype spaces

This party, was an intent to prototype spaces where we might put our self through to accelerate our inner process. It should be something enjoyable, and give the possibility to each individual to reach as much as they want. But it should challenge us too, and put us into uncomfortable positions, so that inspire us to do the same in our everyday life. We wanted to create a party where people didn’t come to forget their everyday, but to be inspired, to see possibilities and to celebrate life.

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