Makerlab Milan 2012

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MakerLab Milan 2012

Design in the public space

“How to involve the public to multiply the effect of those actions that we want to implement?”

We want to create designs that have an impact in the public space. We want to democratize design so that it is accessible to all. Because design is not a method to make things expensive, it is a method to improve the things that humans interact with, to improve the way we live.

Engagement from the local community

Therefore our design brief is about design for the public space, and our workshop is set up so that it is open for the public to come in and join Engagement with locals: We want to design there where we are, with the people that will use the outcomes, and we want to do it for the community.

By decentralizing the process of designing and making we share the cost among all, in this way making the design accessible to all. Therefore we do not just look at the design of the -object- but we design the whole process and facilitate points of engagement for the general public.

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