MakerLab Human Rights

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MakerLab Human Rights

Focus on Human Rights

The Human Rights Makerlab aims to bring together diverse interest groups to explore the topic of Human Rights through actions, conversations and presentations. Our objective is to broaden awareness of the topic, and create opportunities for sharing technology to assist people in enabling their Human Rights – everything from shared language and symbolism, to functional easy to build tools.

Human Rights – more than a logo

When we first got asked about doing a MakerLab on Human Rights, we got the proposal of making T-Shirts and different objects with the Human Rights logo on it. The idea was to spread the Human Rights logo, at the same time that making those objects in a fair and open way which people could experience.

But we saw other potential in it. We saw that most makers have an inherent feeling for human rights. In this sense, the MakerLab was not about defending the right to have a free speech or shelter. It was about the right to be a Human Being, and inspire others to be too. Not just with the minimums we need to live, but with the right to fully enjoy life and all its excitements and thrills. The MakerLab was the opportunity for those people trying to do something, to get in contact with other like-minded people and make it happen.

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