How will we un-share the world?

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How will we un-share the world?

We engaged with the Convention Camp visitors in 3 ways: 1) Provoking dialogue and filtering keywords. We aim to find out what things people are doing and thinking about. 2) Opening the discussion to all. We could find out what are the patterns, and from those patterns which ones are relevant to the Convention Camp audience. 3) Creating a story. We transformed those insights into two short films. Thus sharing a reflection about the Convention Camp at the end of the day.

During the discussion, a woman told us: “If I share, I lose!”. But this isn’t a fear of losing that what you share, rather a fear of losing control over what you share. Once you share something you can’t choose what other people might do with it.

The two stories develop through the session reveal two different perspectives on sharing. The first ‘sharing is caring’ and the second ‘limits of control’.


  • Anne Kjær Riechert: The Dreamer
  • Alessandro Contini: The Realist
  • Maximilian Doerner: The Futurist
  • Pedro Pineda: The Connector
  • Rick Scavetta: The Optimist
  • Ricardo Ferrer: The generalist

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