Enable Berlin

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Enable Berlin

Enable Berlin

Enable Berlin is a place where people meet to solve challenges together. We design processes to enhance collective creativity, and share our results as an open-source initiative. We actively support local creativity and provide sound concepts for our clients.

What is Enable Berlin?

Enable Berlin is an open-design platform where creatives from various backgrounds meet to:

  • solve challenges together
  • research, develop and apply collaborative methodologies
  • share skills, knowledge and insights
  • enable locals to take action.

How does Enable Berlin work?

We organize creative sessions, during which a group of designers, artists, theorists, entrepreneurs… meet to reflect on a specific brief. Through those events we aim to:

  • come up with creative solutions to social and commercial challenges
  • experiment and document new ways of collaborating
  • generate a database gathering both our processes and results
  • providing networking opportunities.

Example of what a session looks like

Enable Session XI: Visions for Mobility from Sam Muirhead on Vimeo.

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