Cebeta – a coworking space in beta

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Cebeta: a coworking space in beta

This is partly the reason why, this year, betahaus was invited to CeBIT 2012 to introduce the concept of working collaboratively to the corporate world. The space that was created was in every way different to the other stands populating the expo, and came into being with the help of dozens of individuals from different professional backgrounds.

Presenting the betahaus philosophy

Together, we created an environment which reflected the betahaus philosophy. “We went to CeBIT with the objective to bring our culture – the Spirit of Betahaus and Coworking communities in general – into the CeBit Global Conference. For those familiar with the conference this is no small task as the environment is somewhat formal, austere, tightly scheduled, organized and controlled. Coworking, by contrast, is distinctly informal, chaotic, and evolving. Ironically, in order to create an open space of engagement, we had to create our own walls, and build an environment where our participants felt at home” Jay Cousins.


  • Christoph Fahle (betahaus): Concept, Website development
  • Jay Cousins (MakerLab): Concept, Community and Facilitation
  • Pedro Pineda (MakerLab): Concept, Space design and coordination
  • Tom Spooredonk: Space Design and Construction
  • Janis Millz (betahaus): Visual Communication
  • Max Krüger (betahaus): Community and logistics
  • Luzie Weigelt and Susanne Niekisch: Decoration

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