Jacques-André Dupont

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Jacques-André Dupont is a french-colombian media artist based in Berlin. To leave open the boundaries between the territories he explores, he considers being a sensation composer. Through his practice he explores the relation between tangible and invisible, technology and nature. His artistic approach is based on the use of the light material in space as dramatic element in scenographic, installative, performative works. Interested in developing a pedagogic approach, he lectured about video-mapping for many occasions in Berlin and facilitated several audiovisual art workshops in Berliner schools. In 2013 his team won the educational prize Kinder zum Olymp. In parallel he is pursuing the Dance – Context – Choreography program at the Berlin UDK where he is researching on the relationship between the body and technology. Jacques is part of the ondé collective.

Find out more about Jacques-André’s work here: www.jadupont.com