Our main activities

  • To showcase the work of interdisciplinary teams who challenges the way things were done yesterday, to obtain better results today.
  • To connect people to other people and new challenges (as an open platform that everybody can access & as a networked agency finding the right teams for specific challenges)

Requirements in order to showcase a piece of work or a person:

  1. It shows a creative solution to a given problem
  2. It is developed by a group of individuals
  3. Somebody from the network must know the project or somebody from the team personally

New ways of solving problems

We Creative People is born out of the idea that creatives are not just the artists, and great projects are not made by single individuals. We want to show that creative is every person that is open to try new ways of solving problems, and that to make great projects we need to connect with people from other backgrounds and other skills. So, we research and learn about what creative people is doing; we promote it if we believe in its impact and we connect people to others that need them in order to create new and better solutions.